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A UK WEEE matching system: a feasibility study

  • 16 March 2022

Research commissioned by Material Focus and to which the WEEE Forum has contributed, has identified that the introduction of a 'matching' system could bring benefits to the UK WEEE system. 


MB Crusher presents two new shaft screening buckets

  • 15 March 2022

New units are small and designed for mini and midi excavators. Small but efficient, practical, and productive. The two new shaft screener models are the MB-HDS207 and the MB-HDS212.


New EU rules for more sustainable and ethical batteries

  • 11 March 2022

As batteries become a strategic market, the European Parliament is working on new rules to tackle related environmental, ethical and social issues.


A simple question of quality

  • 7 March 2022

The waste management company Westarp has opted for a powerful processing line for handling refuse-derived fuels in different qualities, with both medium-calorific and high-calorific fractions. Vecoplan provided a one-stop solution, from project planning to installation to commissioning. The system, which is characterised by high output quality and profitability, is robust from end to end. Its high-performance pre-shredders and re-shredders are insusceptible to extraneous material. The level of availability is high and energy consumption is low.


Le migliori utility italiane: Top Utility 2022

  • 24 February 2022

Dieci anni di continuo miglioramento hanno reso più solide le utility, che si preparano ad affrontare le sfide future grazie a smart metering, IoT e cybersecurity. Marangoni:'Il settore è in buona salute: si è mostrato resiliente, ha continuato a fare ricerca e ad innovare'. Vince Hera. Tra gli altri premiati Acquevenete, Alperia, Gruppo CAP, Gruppo Iren, Marche Multiservizi, Veritas e Viva Servizi.


TOMRA Recycling Italia: nuova struttura del personale per nuovi traguardi

  • 23 February 2022

Dopo l’inaugurazione del test center per la selezione di flakes del settembre scorso, la sede italiana di TOMRA Recycling ha ora un nuovo responsabile commerciale e una nuova squadra.


Together we can do so much

  • 21 February 2022

How to turn your telescopic handler into a real crusher.

Eldan Recycling Solutions

La famiglia Alta Capacità Merlo si allarga

  • 17 February 2022

Con i nuovi Turbofarmer 50.8 e 45.11, la famiglia Alta capacità Merlo dedicata al mondo agricolo cresce e si rinnova.


STADLER and ZenRobotics build the most advanced Materials Recovery Facility in the European Union with Remeo

  • 15 February 2022

STADLER and ZenRobotics have built the pioneering new sorting plant with Remeo Oy, a Finnish company specializing in environmental management. STADLER designed the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in collaboration with Remeo and built it, while ZenRobotics supplied AI-based robotics waste sorting technologies. 


Prorogati i termini per le domande ai fondi del PNRR per l'economia circolare

  • 15 February 2022

Sono stati prorogati di un mese, i termini per la presentazione delle domande per i fondi del PNRR per l’economia circolare.


IFAT Munich in May: driving environmental and climate protection

  • 2 February 2022

More than 2,500 exhibitors from 50 countries registered so far. All exhibition halls and the outdoor area occupied.


CO2 reduction potential by the European Waste Management Sector

  • 28 January 2022

In a joint study, four European waste management associations: the European Waste Management Association (FEAD); the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP); the RDF Industry Group; and the Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA), publish their findings for the potential for CO2 reductions within the waste management sector. The research was conducted by Prognos and CE Delft, two well-known and established centres of research.


Film and flexible packaging recycling: closing the circular economy loop

  • 24 January 2022

Film and flexible packaging are excellent products from a performance point of view, which accounts for their stubbornly extensive use, but they present a difficult end-of-life issue. The solution lies in the creation of a circular economy where these materials are returned to the production cycle. However, recycling these materials requires a specific approach because of their characteristics.  STADLER, a leading supplier of sorting plants for the recycling industry, has seen a sharp increase in the demand for sorting and recycling facilities capable of closing this loop.


Nuove date per Waste Management Europe

  • 24 January 2022

La prossima edizione di Waste Management Europe in programma a marzo a Bergamo è stata posticipata a fine giugno 2022. 


Mixed waste sorting changing the game at IVAR IKS in Norway

  • 18 January 2022

TOMRA and a Norwegian waste sorting plant have demonstrated that mixed waste sorting prior to disposal is a superior solution to separate collection. Since it stopped the separate collection for plastics in its region and unleashed the power of mixed waste sorting, the facility increased recovery rates from 28% to 82% and achieved recycling rates of 56,4%, thus meeting the EU’s 2025 recycling targets ahead of time. Today, IVAR ranks first in processing MSW by volume.


EPBD will fail to decarbonise European buildings as Commission leaves embodied impacts of materials for renovation behind

  • 14 December 2021

New rules will not be enough to decarbonise the buildings sector at the rate required to reach 2050 climate objectives.


Nascono due nuovi consorzi per rifiuti tessili e materassi: Ecoremat ed Ecotessili

  • 13 December 2021

Il Sistema Ecolight e le imprese della distribuzione moderna aderenti a Federdistribuzione avviano due nuovi sistemi EPR per la gestione di materassi, imbottiti, abbigliamento e altri prodotti tessili.


Presentazione dell’Italia del riciclo 2021 il prossimo 14 dicembre

  • 9 December 2021

L’appuntamento con L’Italia del Riciclo 2021, il rapporto annuale sul riciclo e il recupero dei rifiuti, realizzato dalla Fondazione e Fise Unicircular, con il patrocinio del Ministero della Transizione Ecologica e di Ispra, è il 14 dicembre 2021, dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 12.30, in live streaming.