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Simam: not only environment

Simam: not only environment

Simam is a nationwide leader in site characterization, remediation and restoration activities specialized in providing a wide range environmental engineering, consulting and construction services. 

. Based in Senigallia, the company, with its 100-strong staff and four Italian branches, operates throughout the national territory and abroad.

In the last five years SIMAM’s annual average turn-over has amounted to 21 million euros with the year 2010 being the best year yet, grossing 22,3 million. The company deals  with clients from both the public and private sectors.

SIMAM operates at more than 18 different sites and is listed in the National Priority List proving it to be a reliable technological and operational partner for its customers in areas such as environmental and engineering research, surveys, water treatment, liability and echo-system  management and waste management. During the interventions, particular attention is paid  to the achievement of environmental excellence and site improvements, factors which have often led to ground breaking projects.

Established in 1994, the company has grown steadily and now employs over 100 people, including directors, managers, engineers, skilled technicians and designers. It offers a full range of environmental and engineering services  such as the design and construction of water treatment plants, global services, waste management services, research and environmental services, development and engineering services. SIMAM is also a contractor for both the public and private sectors.

For many years SIMAM has been a leader in its own field possessing the experience, the know-how, the competence and the technical and human resources to operate with consistent high standards  throughout the different phases of a project: from the early engineering activities such as surveys, feasibility studies, risk analysis and executive projects to the on-site interventions (implementation of safety measures, remediation interventions); from the monitoring activities carried out during the executive stages, to the reclamation and restoration of the areas affected by the interventions.  A Global Service program is also offered as regards to the restoration and remediation of plants and installations.

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