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Ecomondo 2015

Ecomondo 2015

The technology platform for the Green and Circular Economy in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

News in edition 2015:

SA.LVE: the urban hygiene vehicle biennial returns, in collaboration with ANFIA in a single hall the most technologically advanced products on the market for urban hygiene outfits and for collecting and transporting solid and liquid waste: waste containers and compactors, sewer cleaning vehicles and street sweepers represent the main types of product. 

Global Water Expo, area dedicated to the integrated water cycle, sewage networks and technologies for efficient use of water. 

Eco Innovation and Industrial Symbiosis: the space that will host conventions and workshops as well as presenting opportunities for financing European industrial innovation in the arena of the green economy. 

The international platform for start-ups - in the sectors of the green economy. One-to-one meeting between businesses, public and private bodies, industry operators, universities and institutions, for a circular economy.

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