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Thefts of diesel fuel from tanks and deposits: Emiliana Serbatoi launches Emilprobe

Thefts of diesel fuel from tanks and deposits: Emiliana Serbatoi launches Emilprobe

By monitoring in technological manner the liquids in the storage tanks and by sending  telephone and e-mail alerts, this product helps to curb theft of diesel, which totals 10 thousand liters every month. 

The alarms come from all across the nation: construction sites and farms are among the most common cases, for a haul of thousands of liters. Indeed, there is a long list of fuel raids reported daily by the press. In fact, the fuel thefts have become a worrying phenomenon, to counter which Emiliana Serbatoi has launched an innovative level sensor, Emilprobe, to be installed on fuel storage tanks and deposits. Emilprobe has already received the quality certification.

In recent days the company from Modena, the Italian leader in the field of tanks’ production, has launched the product that can give a concrete help to counter the escalation of “diesel vampires”, a real business for crime. Financial Guard has found that each month there are around 10 thousand liters of stolen fuel amounting to a turnover of 100 billion euro per year on the black market. A real scourge, in short, which mainly damages the companies of the primary and manufacturing sector. They find their certified tanks without the fuel, which is essential to set in motion the company motor vehicles. The cue of Emiliana Serbatoi fits perfectly in the wake of this trend.

The Modena company, based in Campogalliano, just a few meters away from the exit of A22 Verona-Brennero highway and with a manufacturing plant in San Dona di Piave (Venice), developed in its laboratories the probe, which performs real-time monitoring of the liquid inside the storage tanks for private or commercial use. Emilprobe can be controlled locally by means of a touchscreen electronic unit as well as remotely by means of a smartphone. Above all, Emilprobe is equipped with an innovative alarm system, which detects abnormalities in the fuel values and sends immediately an SMS-message and an e-mail to 5 different cell phone numbers and 5 e-mail addresses. In this manner, the owner of the tank is updated immediately in case of an unexpected level drop that may be a theft.

If the alarm arrives in the night, for example, it is very likely that it is a theft. The owner is immediately alerted and can call the police or check the situation by himself. Moreover, when occurs the level drop, the pump is blocked and it is not possible to refuel.

Therefore, Emilprobe becomes a security device and as such it was presented, last week, at Fieragricola exhibition in Verona, the event dedicated to agricultural technology, where it won the innovation award. Emilprobe helps to improve the corporate performance. Awaiting that the companies can experience it in person.

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