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New CK Series

New CK Series

VTN Europe will present the new CK series at bauma 2016.

"Multipurpose" is the adjective that has inspired VTN Europe for the development and design of the NEW Combi Kit multitool; thanks to its innovative features, this attachment meets the largest variety of complex demolition requirements. Enginereed in detail it is particulary suitable for:

- Specialized Demolition Contractors who are always focused to safety, efficiency and productivity on jobsites.

- Hire Companies focused on the demolition market offering different solutions based on customer needs.

 - The User who searches in only one equipment the "synthesis" of its various activities.

The NEW Combi Kit is Multipurpose because lets you run any type of demolition:

- primary, to bring down a building and remove the materials, either concrete or steel constructions, or combination. 

- secondary, to separate or reduce into smaller fragments what has already been demolished facilitating the handling and transport. 

- selective, where it is necessary to extract and recover "precious" elements or components or for the reclamation of areas of high environmental impact where the presence of toxic, flammable and polluting is high.

CK is “Versatile” because with only one equipment you have five jaws configuration:

- D Jaws for  Primary and Selective demolition.

- P Jaws for Primary and Secondary demolition, to reduce concrete elements and separate the inside round bars from it.

- S Jaws for Primary, Secondary and Selective demolition of steel structure. Equipped with reusable and removable blades.

- R Jaws, a compromise between D and S jaws.

- CH Jaws for Primary and Secondary demolition, to reduce in small pieces (cubes) concrete elements (ex. walls, beams, columns).

CK is “Fast and Safe” because it need only few minute for the replacement of the jaws with the rotation of only 2 pins. 

VTN is glad to announce the new range of CK SERIES at BAUMA 2016, one of the most important international showcases that will take place in Munich on April.

CK14 for excavator between the 13 and 21 ton

CK21 for excavator between 18 and 27 ton

CK28 for excavator between 26 and 35 ton 

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