JCB to offer Brigade’s vehicle safety systems on new 509-45 telehandler as line-fit options

JCB to offer Brigade’s vehicle safety systems on new 509-45 telehandler as line-fit options

JCB are offering a range of Brigade’s vehicle safety systems as line-fit options world-wide for their new 509-45 telehandler. Brigade’s safety products will be on display at the JCB stand at the ConEXPO exhibition 2017, Las Vegas.

JCB has chosen to fit Brigade’s Backeye®360 BN360 camera monitor system, MD51 internal mini dome camera, NEW mobile digital recorder with 3G and Wi-Fi capability and the Backsense® radar sensor system. These systems combined give JCB’s new telehandler the highest level of recommended safety products to prevent collisions and create a safe working environment.

Brigade’s Backeye®360 BN360 camera monitor system is a system that assists low speed maneuverability, providing the driver with an all-round view of the vehicle in a single image on the in-cab monitor. The system simultaneously blends and stitches the live images from four ultra-wide cameras together to produce a single bird’s-eye view image, effectively eliminating blind spots. These images are then recorded on to Brigade’s NEW MDR-408GW-1000, 8-channel mobile digital recording device. Brigade’s MDR is now 3G and Wi-Fi capable, enabling remote access to the unit by live streaming footage, speed and location information. Triggered events such as indicators or brake application can also be analysed by logging on to the Brigade dashboard or mobile app.

In addition, JCB are also offering Brigade’s Backsense® BS-8000 programmable radar as a line-fit option. Backsense® is a radar detection system that improves safety by providing drivers with clear audible and visual warnings of people or objects in the vehicle’s path. The most flexible radar on the market, Backsense® BS-8000 has a detection range from 3m to 30m in length and 2m to 10m in width. Backsense® is also fully programmable; detection areas and ‘blind zones’ can be set to ignore fixed obstructions, such as bodywork, allowing the system to meet specific user requirements and minimising false alarms.

Brigade Electronics will also be exhibiting at ConEXPO 2017, 7—11 March, Las Vega, stand S63445.

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