Doppstadt AK 560 Eco Power

Doppstadt AK 560 Eco Power

Doppstadt Shredding and Separation Solutions at the “recycling aktiv” Trade Show 2017.

At the ‘‘recycling aktiv“ trade show in Karlsruhe (27. - 29. April 2017), the full-line supplier Doppstadt will inform the visitors about machine solutions that ensure an efficient organics and waste wood recycling. Shredding and separation systems, which combine working processes, are shown in action. In order to meet different requirements and provide custom-made solutions it is sufficient to exchange components. Among other things, Doppstadt showcases the multi-purpose grinder AK 560 Eco Power. “The AK series is well-tried and stands the test of time even in continuous and tough applications “, product manager Daniel Kürten explains. „With high throughput and load-sensing material infeed it is suited for waste wood, wooden pallets, green waste, root timber, bio-waste and refuse-derived fuels – a true multi-purpose grinder. The grinder can quickly be adjusted to the requirements on site. Not only the rear basket is exchanged, but even the whole shredding unit can be adapted to the requirements.“ The Dopp-Lock quick-changing system facilitates the change of the shredding tools if the input material makes different demands on the machine: The free-swinging Dopp-Lock shredding tools can be changed within a few minutes and enhance the resistance to contaminants.

The co-operation of the DW 3060 shredder and the hook-lift separator HS 800 Selector forms a combination of two recycling procedures in one mobile machine solution: Heavy industrial waste is shredded as precisely as waste wood, green waste and wood and plastic waste mono-material batches. Afterwards, the desired grains size is separated. The undesired fine fraction in the final product is very small because the machine does not mill or crush the material, but shreds it precisely. The oversize is transported back to the shredding unit by a return conveyor until it meets the requirements. The result is a high-quality final product of homogeneous grain size.  

Modular Tool Elements Mean: Flexible Machine Fleet

By means of a module strategy, Doppstadt offers the customers solutions that meet the needs. All the machines can be modified and combined. Depending on the desired result, the relevant machine parts are exchanged or the whole machines are combined to form new, interconnected processing lines. „This modular architecture mobilizes the whole machine fleet. It enables us to meet our customers’ demands“, Daniel Kürten reports.

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