Butti: tecnology and innovation for recycling

Butti: tecnology and innovation for recycling

Butti S.r.l. is a firm and innovative company which produces articles for industry by following everyday the needs of the Recycling field.

Thanks to the reliability, the knowledge and the high quality both of Butti’s products and of the raw materials used to produce them allow the company to become during the years a leader on the italian and foreign market.

An example of this success are the “Industrial Brooms” with an attractive design and graphically designed by our efficient technical department through render 3D; they are produced with a double structure to reinforce the broom and to satisfy the need of scrap companies to clean their warehouses and service areas.

Butti “Industrial Brooms”, thanks to their strong brushes made up of armonic steel C53, are the best product on the market to clean metal scraps, industrial wastes, plastic, paper, glass and wood.

The system of work is easy and efficient: the broom can be forked and moved with all types of forklifts or wheel loaders; the double pitchforking system make the brooms durables and with low maintenance costs. The best for you to clean big spaces!!

Compact, Classic, Large and Extralarge: these are the four standard types always ready on stock with a leght from 2 to 3 meters; they have all a sturdy structure and they are easy to use. And for a broom always new we can provide you the essential replacement kit made up of 30.000 wires steel brushes and easy to change by the operator.

Another Butti’s product necessary for the Recycling field is the Pertutto tipping skip: it’s available in different sizes and capacities, with or without wheels. It has also a sheet metal filter to separate liquids from fluids substances, watertight settling tank, a drain plug screw on the settling tank, noiseless wheels covered in polyurethane and rubber dampers which extend the life and improve the performances of the tipping skip.Finally the Pertutto tipping skip is provided of a sturdy steel half support which helps the closure of the tipping skips avoiding damages to the wheels.

Thanks to the continue research  of safety on work places  the company has developed the hydraulic cylinder Secure System: it can be applied on each Pertutto tipping skip, it avoids violent backlasches and accidental falls so it guarantees a long life both to the tipping skip and to the forklift.

The Pertutto tipping skip is perfect to collect and move small or big quantities of scrap or waste (plastic, paper, glass, wood,…) in a safe and easy way near the work positions.

In view of a global trend of approaching of industry to recycling, because of the fact that the enviroment is a resource to prevent, Butti S.r.l. shares this trend and transfers it in the continue innovation of its products since 35 years.

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