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ees europe 2017 a complete success

ees europe 2017 a complete success

Innovations and falling prices stimulate the market of batteries and energy storage systems.

This year, ees Europe was characterized by a significant upturn in the market driven by plummeting costs. This has seen a 40% decrease in the price of small-scale lithium-ion storage devices up to 10 kWh in Germany since 2013. In the same time frame, large-scale storage systems up to 30 kWh have fallen in price by over 50%. And as a result, more than 20,000 new solar storage units were installed last year in Germany alone.

Many companies have recognized the potential of the storage market – including large companies from the automotive industry which are increasingly setting up battery production facilities. On these grounds, mobile storage and e-mobility played a central role at the well-attended E-mobility and Renewable Energy special exhibit, as well as at this year’s ees Europe. Electric vehicles, especially when fueled by energy from renewable sources, make an important contribution to the energy transition as efficient and climate-friendly mobility solutions. And due to the development of increasingly powerful batteries, electric vehicles are also gaining significance as storage resources. This was seen in exhibitors such as Tesla, who presented diverse solutions for e-mobility and charging infrastructure.

With the new Power2Drive Europe exhibition in 2018, the organizers will be focusing on the field of e-mobility more intensively than ever before. At Power2Drive, the spotlight will be on traction batteries and charging infrastructure for e-mobility. The fundamental issue of sector coupling, that is, the intelligent networking of electricity, heat and mobility, was an important topic across-the-board at ees Europe and one of the most discussed topics at the Smart Renewable Energy Forum and the Smart Renewable Energy special exhibit at the exhibition.

Large-scale storage systems also played an important role at this year’s ees Europe, with numerous exhibitors presenting their solutions in the field. “ees Europe is the most important date in the exhibition calendar because it opens up great opportunities for business and its excellent marketing attracts a first-class international customer base. We find the contacts to support the development of sustainable solutions for industry and commerce here at the exhibition. Although industry and commerce are the largest energy consumers, there is a certain lack of the kind of innovative storage solutions that we offer. It is a great pleasure for us to be at ees Europe,” says Daniel Hannemann, Managing Director at Tesvolt GmbH in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Thomas Speidel, Managing Director at ADS-TEC GmbH, Nürtingen, also emphasizes the importance of large-scale storage systems and innovative storage solutions in general for securing a networked, renewable energy supply in the future: “Storage devices are connectors, a bit like a spring. The more production and consumption fluctuates, the greater the challenge of matching supply and demand becomes at any precise moment. This is where a storage device serves as a balancing element. It does not act as a final user or producer, as is often assumed, but instead functions as a delay element. And we need such devices in the new energy systems and markets.”


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