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Doppstadt 620 K Plus

Doppstadt 620 K Plus

Long discharge conveyors mean 40% more rubble heap volume.

In October, environmental technology company Doppstadt will begin series production of the new SM 620 K Plus separating machine. This solution for separating materials into multiple fractions is designed for efficiency: its charging hopper, over seven cubic metres in volume, can receive large quantities of feed material, which is then discharged via extended side and rear conveyors. This means that the machine requires filling less often and the rubble heaps, with 40% greater volume, only need removing infrequently. Even when on the move, the machine does not stop; the drum continues to sieve and the recycling process need not be interrupted.

Ideal operation sites: forestry, spoil heaps, roadsides

The new SM 620 K Plus comes into its own in inhospitable locations. The track vehicle is robustly built, stable on uneven terrain, and can develop its tractive forces optimally to suit the situation. The machine is operated by remote control.

The Doppstadt solutions portfolio: the SM series

Once series production of the SM 620 K Plus begins, Doppstadt will have completed its portfolio of high-quality separating machines, says Volker Mihr, production manager for Doppstadt. "All the machines are extremely powerful and adaptable. They can sort practically any incoming material into up to six fractions, and by changing their sieving elements - which does not require tools - they can adapt to the most complex tasks." The main benefit of the separating machines in this series, however, is their efficiency: with their large hoppers and long discharge conveyors, these machines can save multiple cycles per shift. All machines in the SM 518 Plus series are equipped with the latest DEUTZ engine technology and meet classes IIIB and IV of the EU-wide emissions standards and also EPA Tier 4 or EPA Tier 4 final. 

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