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Hera Group receives 110 million financing from the EIB

The loan is destined to support investments in the environment area, with the aim of introducing innovative projects to help further increase the percentage of sorted waste and the efficiency of treatment and recovery plants.

Hera Group receives 110 million financing from the EIB

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Hera Group have finalised a € 110 million financing contract intended to support the 2017-2021 development program of this Italian multi-utility, listed on the Milan stock exchange.

Through this loan, the European bank chose in particular to finance 19 projects involved in the waste cycle that are in line with EU directives and foresee interventions in various regions of Italy. 50% of the cost of these projects, coming in turn to roughly € 227 million, will thus be covered by financing from the EIB.

More specifically, the line of credit will be destined to further improvements in the performance of Hera’s waste management services, above all by increasing the amount of sorted waste, as indicated in the regional objectives set out by the areas serves, but also by Herambiente, the Hera Group company that is a nationwide leader in waste treatment, recycling and recovery. The Group aims at increasing the efficiency of its own processes to a greater extent, and improving the sustainability standards of its set of plants, whose emissions are, moreover, already far below the limits set by law.

With this financing, which falls within EIB policies, new resources will therefore be made available in the transition towards the model of a circular economy, a transition to which Hera has long contributed, as is shown by its entry as part of the CE100, the program promoted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation that brings together the 100 most active figures in this field worldwide.

An additional positive element, furthermore, lies in the satellite activities and the consequences in employment which, over the period in which the Hera Group’s multi-year investment plan is put into effect, are believed to help reinforce growth in the economies of the areas concerned.

The operation provides the Hera Group with an important contribution to the consolidation of its own financial structure and follows up on the collaboration set into place over time between the EIB and the Group: four other operations (concerning investments in waste management and networks) have in fact been signed by the EIB and Hera in recent years, amounting to over € 700 million.

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