Fluence to exhibit its latest technologies at IFAT 2018

Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Waste-to-Energy Solutions, Water Treatment.

Fluence to exhibit its latest technologies at IFAT 2018

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Fluence’s advanced MABR (Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor) wastewater treatment technologies combine nitrification and denitrification to simultaneously treat nitrogen and phosphorus, with energy consumption of up to 90% less than with traditional treatment methods. Fluence MABR uses passive aeration, the diffusion of oxygen through membranes. Packed in compact containerized systems, it provides efficient on-site treatment that meets the strictest discharge regulations. At IFAT, Fluence will display its new smart packaged wastewater treatment solution based on the innovative MABR technology.

Waste-to-Energy Solutions

To guarantee the long-term sustainability of resources, Fluence offers innovative waste-to-energy solutions that treat wastewater and produce energy. Fluence provides a variety of industries with cost-effective closed-loop solutions to dispose of difficult wastewater and sludge while producing renewable energy.  At booth 205, you’ll see how Fluence applies its anaerobic digestion solutions to a variety of industries, including dairy farms, meat processing plants, and paper companies, as well as the new advanced anaerobic reactor configuration that makes the most of renewable energy production, while producing a high-quality effluent.  

Water Treatment

With its NIROBOX™ line, Fluence offers the most compact water treatment solutions, that allow decentralized desalination systems to be deployed to supply local populations and industries with high quality water at a viable cost. Unlike large-scale desalination plants, Nirobox containerized units offer a fast 'time-to-water' and can be deployed in months, rather than years. This opens new opportunities to immediately address water shortages and needs. With seawater and brackish water desalination models, as well as a freshwater treatment model, the Nirobox line of products can provide a suitable solution to your needs.

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