Camec 2023
Do you speak Camec?

Do you speak Camec?

Experts in designing and assembling machines, industrial automation, precision mechanical machining and assembly of carpentry: quality and professionalism are at your service.

Why can Camec be a point of reference?

Thanks to a know-how developed over the years and supported by a continuous technological research, we are able to operate in almost all sectors of recycling and waste treatment interfacing with the most different problems. Starting from the customer’s needs we always develop solutions.

An example?

We have recently installed a D&B shredding and separation plant for MSW, Paper and Cardboard in Spain, consisting of a rotary drum classifier screen (Trommel), two sorting booths with relative convoy belts and material storage bunkers and a pit loading system.

Another example of a technologically advanced system completely customized to the needs of the customer.

And how do we manage to do all this?

Our brand identity leads Camec to play a leading role in this regard, because we do not only aim to have an identity in communication materials, on the site or in products, but we try to bring the customer into our world, making sure that our identity becomes a way of speaking the same language ... What about you? Do you speak Camec?

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