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Camec 2023
From waste to road

From waste to road

With MB Crusher units installed at the excavator, mining and processing waste return to the production cycle.

Road maintenance in quarries, as in all remote hard-to-reach places, is often expensive, labour-intensive and time-consuming. This is because the full potential of the heavy machines already on site is often not utilized. For example, one could install an MB Crusher jaw crusher bucket to one's excavator, reduce the spoil material, and reuse it as a subgrade for haulage road maintenance or the creation of new connecting roads. Or resell it and thus have another source of revenue.

The benefit then is twofold, as is the gain:

no additional cost because you reuse the overburden, so there is no need to buy more material from other suppliers. No additional means are needed because the carrier machine already present at the quarry is used and the work becomes faster so there is a huge time-saving.

- An efficient internal road network means cost optimization, more productivity and savings on the maintenance of transport equipment. If the roads are smooth and hitch-free it means that the whole quarry process becomes efficient, especially the part involving the transportation of material. Which means more productivity and a lower cost per ton of material.

Waste is no longer a cost

 "With the MB Crusher bucket crusher, we can control our waste ourselves, grind it when we want and make use of it as we want." So thinks the Marche company in Italy Eurocave, which owns several sites where they extract Serene stones and Alberese. The extracted stone is directly processed by Eurocave itself to make architectural elements and worktops. With the scraps crushed with an MB Crusher BF120.4 jaw crusher-they fix the haulage roads without having to buy crushed stone externally and they sell the extra aggregate for road subgrades.

Before buying MB Crusher's bucket crusher, they would accumulate production waste in the yard and it took up a lot of space and then from time to time, they would crush it with a rented crusher. The whole operation employed most of the workers and was very high-cost for the business itself.

Today with the BF120.4 bucket crusher, waste is no longer a cost or material to be handled, but becomes something useful for the business itself as well as a source of additional income.