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Doppstadt presents Inventhor 6.2 with optimised hopper

Doppstadt presents Inventhor 6.2 with optimised hopper

The market launch is planned for November 2023.

Doppstadt revolutionised its shredding portfolio with the launch of the INVENTHOR series in 2018. The slow speed shredders of the INVENTHOR 6 and 9 models quickly convinced customers worldwide thanks to their high efficiency and flexibility as well as their sophisticated drive system. With the INVENTHOR 6.2, Doppstadt is now adding another smart solution to its successful machine series. It features an optimised folding hopper that makes loading by wheel loader or excavator more userfriendly The INVENTHOR 6.2 will be shown for the first time at the in-house exhibition from 13 to 17 June 2023 at the company's site in Calbe. The market launch is planned for November 2023.

The INVENTHOR series with the models 6 and 9 marked a significant turning point for Doppstadt: It replaced the DW 3060 - better known as the “Büffel” - which was extremely popular with customers. "With more than 1700 models sold in just under 18 years of production, the DW 3060 was an absolute guarantee of success for our company," recalls Dominik Niehaus, Product Manager at Doppstadt. "But with the INVENTHOR 6, we have brought a worthy successor onto the market. It is clearly superior to the DW 3060 in many functions."

First and foremost, this includes the newly developed VarioDirect Drive, which enables flexible adaptation to the versatile shredding tasks. In contrast to the DW 3060, the INVENTHOR 6 can be started under full load - even when the shredding chamber is full. The independent reversing of the shaft protects against contaminants and the generous clearance between shaft and lower belt ensures blockage-free discharge. The changeover has also paid off for users: thanks to the patented Dopp-Lock® system and removable comb bar, the shaft and comb teeth can be replaced in less than two hours. In addition, all important components are easily accessible.

Optimised hopper for more efficient loading

With the INVENTHOR 6.2, Doppstadt is raising its series to a new level. The biggest change is the optimised hopper, as Niehaus points out: "We have modified the hopper so that the INVENTHOR is now even easier to fill with a wheel loader or excavator. At the same time, we have widened the filling area from 2.2 to 3.3 metres, increasing the hopper volume from five to eight cubic metres. Operators can now even move a wide wheel loader bucket down to the shredding teeth. This enables efficient and, above all, easy loading of the machine."

The INVENTHOR 6.2 has already proven its performance in numerous tests with different material streams such as waste wood, green waste as well as commercial and household waste. "In order to optimally determine the practical suitability, the tests took place at several customers' sites. The results convinced both us and the customers," says Niehaus. The INVENTHOR 6.2 is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized waste management companies as well as composting plants and operators of biogas plants or landfills.

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