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Evive Station 29-year-old founder makes a sustainable impact from the 'Smoky City'

Pittsburgh, PA, historically known as a smoky focal point for the American steel industry, has recently undergone a dramatic green revitalization.

Now an epicenter of sustainable initiatives, the city of Pittsburgh is embracing and promoting ecofriendly enterprises to transform it's own landscape and gain national recognition for green efforts.

The front runner of Pittsburgh's Mayoral race, Bill Peduto, plans to update the city's code to promote sustainable practices of transit-oriented development, multi-use for buildings, and adaptive reuse. He is also embracing emerging leaders of the community with green agendas, like Thomas Petrini of Evive Station. "Start-ups like Evive Station are a great representation of the tech community in Pittsburgh, and the future of our city," states Mr. Peduto.

Petrini, a 29-year-old Pittsburgh native, is taking the beverage and advertising industries to new heights with his three-year-old start-up, Evive Station. The Pittsburgh-based ecofriendly company has been rapidly expanding by adding locations at West Virginia University, Carnegie Mellon University, Mercyhurst University, Slippery Rock University and American Eagle Outfitters' corporate headquarters. Evive Station currently employs 12 full-time employees with plans for expanding that number throughout 2013, as new locations and advertisers are added to the already impressive roster.

Evive Station is the world's first fully automated reusable bottle cleaning and purified water dispensing kiosk.  Users at host locations join Evive by creating an online profile and while having their Evive Bottle cleaned and/or refilled at stations, enjoy targeted messaging via interactive gaming, traditional "television-style" commercial spots, surveys, and social media components.  Evive Station provides four core values to hosts and users alike: sustainability, cleanliness, financial savings, and health benefits in the form of easy access to ultra-purified water and always having a clean bottle.

Petrini credits the ongoing success of Evive Station to the talent of the executive team that includes Pittsburgh natives and co-founders Jason Yablinsky and Stephen Jacobs, Len Kosar, CEO, Kevin Erdely, Director of Service/Support and Lacy Caric, Director of Business Development;  as well as the universities and businesses committed to sustainability and the City of Pittsburgh's support. The team plans to grow Evive Station in its home-market of Pittsburgh within the next six months with a focus on advertising opportunities and expanding station host locations. "There are amazing things going on in Pittsburgh right now. The sustainability buzz is everywhere, and I am excited to branch out from my hometown soon to other cities that embrace sustainability and our green agenda. It's great at the end of the day to know that we are making a positive impact," says Petrini.

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