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Ecomondo: +11% more visitors

Ecomondo: +11% more visitors

84,351 visitors at Ecomondo, Key Energy and Cooperambiente.Great success for the General Assembly of the Green Economy.In 2013 the return of Waste Vehicle Expo and the debut of Key Wind

Full acknowledgement for an expo hub at the service of the economic growth of Italy´s industrial system, confirmed by the staging, precisely during the Rimini expo, of the General Assembly of the Green Economy, strongly pushed for by Italy´s Ministry for the Environment and coordinated by the Sustainable Development Foundation. An appointment prepared for months by work groups that brought together 39 enterprise associations, with the result of 70 proposals for the development of the green economy in Italy, to which 1,120 experts contributed.

Of extraordinary importance was the participation for two days of Minister Corrado Clini, who inaugurated the expo, as well as that of Minister Corrado Passera (on the Thursday) for the joint announcement of the launch of the ´Conto Termico´, i.e. the 900 million euros earmarked by the Government for its incentive scheme for energy efficiency in homes and public buildings.

Showing how strategic a 'green' footprint is for the entire national industry in the perspective of economic recovery for Italy is the tone of the message that the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano sent for the opening day, saying that 'Without further hesitation, Italy can and must make up for its delays in meeting European standards and take a more valid stance for defending the environment.'

Alongside these contents, Ecomondo, Key Energy and Cooperambiente added the representation of a solid industrial system, with over 1,200 companies that in the expos' 16 halls proposed a range of technological solutions, showing vitality and competitiveness on an international scale.
From the historical core of the expo, based on the complete waste cycle, to the new frontiers that the culture of re-use proposes, the scenario offered by the expo was greatly appreciated. The degree of exhibitor satisfaction was very high, borne out by business concluded at the expo and participation already formalized with a view to 2013.

In general, an exceptional amount of innovation was to be found in the halls, the result of the close ties between the worlds of research and industry, driving force of a growth process that precisely around the green economy can find its strongest impulse and thus create new qualified occupation.
The decisive drivers include that regarding 'green chemistry', which Ecomondo fully integrated in its key contents. The role of promoters played by the Ministry for Economic Development, SusChem Italy and Federchimica relaunched the opportunity for bio refineries to play a key role, thanks to the adoption of conversion processes such as those of a biological nature and the use of biomass as an alternative raw material to oil by-products. For the economy based on these chains, the European market is estimated at over 2,000 billion euros and 21.5 million jobs. These issues were covered by experts such as (German government consultant) Christian Patermann.

Regarding the next edition of the Rimini Fiera expos, two announcements ensure the expo area will be filled with further contents. As well as the agreement inked in recent months with ANFIA-Waste Vehicle Section for the return of the SAL.VE Waste Vehicle Expo, which brings together the entire sector through to waste transport at Rimini Fiera, there was also the recent announcement of the launch of the KEY WIND section, dedicated to wind-generated energy. In this case, the agreement was signed by Rimini Fiera and ANEV (National Wind Energy Association). Further acknowledgment of the role of aggregator that the Rimini Fiera expo hub plays for green technologies.

The international profile is now even higher: the number of foreign visitors rose by 10.4%. Excellent results were achieved by the international promotion work carried out in recent months to ensure exhibitors qualified contacts with foreign buyers from over twenty nations in which there is a growing demand for environmental technologies. The expos´ international profile will be the great new frontier for their further development.
Over 250 buyers were at the expos, where 3,055 business meetings were held (25% more than 2011), programmed on the online platform during the previous weeks.

There was great appreciation for the 6th edition of Sustainable City, promoted in collaboration with the eAmbiente scientific team and held in an area of 6,000 m2 to show the Italian way to 'Smart cities'. It hosted the technological solutions currently available, proposed by the most important industrial groups to show the real possibility of considering urban locations in a sustainable manner and under the banner of energy efficiency.
Sustainable City, designed by Angelo Grassi (one of Europe´s best-known landscape architects, featured four areas, divided into other zones, forming four urban districts, each characterized by a symbolic material. The area was visited during expo days by dozens of public administrations looking for solutions for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The four days were very busy from the point of view of scientific content. As well as the Green Economy´s General Assembly, there was a calendar of 150 events with over 1,000 speakers, the leitmotif of which was the presentation of products, processes and services useful for coming out of the current economic crisis, but also the desire to convince consumers to base their choices on environmental sustainability and products of the Green Economy. The organization work, promoted by a scientific board made up of about forty experts representing the most authoritative bodies in the environment field and chaired by Prof. Luciano Morselli, also involved dozens of Calls for Papers at which over 100 university, public and private research bodies took part.

For months, since the announcement that Ecomondo would host the General Assembly of the Green Economy, the attention of the media was focussed on the expo days at Rimini Fiera, climaxing on the eve and during the actual days of the events.

All the Italian daily newspapers as well as trade and regional press reported on the events taking place at the expo. Numerous reports were published by national dailies and periodicals (Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, QN, Sole 24 Ore, La Stampa, Sette Green, Espresso, etc.), by national TV networks (Tg1, Tg1 Economia, Tg2, Tg3, Sky TG24) and radio broadcasters (Radio 24, Radio Rai, RDS, RMC, etc.), as well as transmissions such as Ambiente Italia (broadcast today) and RAI 3´s Prodotto Italia.

'Media contacts' so far, with numerous reports scheduled for coming weeks in the specialist press and on TV, are over 160 million.

Following the launch last year of a specific project, this year was the definitive consecration of Ecomondo on the social networks. Facebook (on the dedicated page) and above all Twitter (hashtag #ecomondo) talked about the expo, thanks to the contribution of visitors who brought it to life minute buy minute. The expo was also on Linkedin and Google+.
A ´Social Media Green Team´ contributed to all this, ensuring real-time updates of the events on the agenda.

It really was a multimedia edition, thanks also to the work carried out every day by TV service companies Rimini Fiera Web TV and Green TG as well as Tekneco, with a television studio set-up ad hoc in the Sustainable City area.

The attention attracted by Ecomondo´s online instruments can also be seen by the traffic on its Web site,, with thousands of contacts every day (the record was on opening day, with 27,000 visits).

In this ideal setting, Rimini Fiera inaugurated its third photovoltaic system, installed on the roofs of the sixteen halls to combine technology and architecture in the best possible manner. 
Realized in partnership with Green Utility and distributed over 100,000 m2, it is made up of 33,296 amorphous silicon photovoltaic panels. The largest architecturally integrated system in Italy with innovative features, already recognized by the GSE, it has an overall power of 4,332 kWp, producing 5,000,000 kWh per year of electricity, the equivalent of the average yearly consumption of 1,730 families. The system avoids the emission of 3,640 tons of CO2, equivalent to 364 hectares of forest. Rimini Fiera is now the first expo centre that is self-sufficient from the point of view of electricity requirements. 

The next appointment with the Ecomondo is at Rimini Fiera, from 6th to 9th November 2013.


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