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Ecomondo 2013: Graepel Gripp

Ecomondo 2013: Graepel Gripp

Graepel Italiana is one of Italy’s and Europe’s leading manufacturers of perforated metals. Our products are used in the “green” economy as grilles, antislip walkways, components of many kinds of machinery, etc.
Metal sheets of various types of raw material, of steel, aluminium, stainless steel, but also perforated wooden sheets can all be recycled and reused many times.
During Ecomondo 2013 we introduce our safety grilles, and especially GRAEPEL GRIPP, with an extreme and uncompromising antislip effect, displacement area and drainage effect; very high loading capacity with substantial cost advantages for structural steel work. Elements are available up to 480 mm wide and 4,000 mm long.
Graepel offers you one of the world’s most varied and comprehensive range of products for more industrial safety, fewer accidents and the latest architectural solutions. Businesses and communities are on safe ground – indoors as well as outdoors with Graepel products.
Accident-proof. In-style. A good investment.
Graepel is on your side: There is no limit to safety, quality, and customer service. As your reliable partner we are already supporting your ideas during the initial developmental stage. As your professional supplier we stay on your side with small batch and large-scale production.


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