CAMEC 2021
Ecomondo: two new expos in South Africa and Brazil

Ecomondo: two new expos in South Africa and Brazil

And an international road map with 53 dates on four continents.

South Africa and South America: 2 new expos and 2 strategic areas for hitting the markets. In addition, a road map with 53 appointments on 4 continents to favour Italian enterprises’ business.

This is the 2015 international program of ECOMONDO, Rimini Fiera’s huge environment expo, which is being held from November 3rd to 6th.

Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni explains, “This program will be completed by an extraordinary operation, the contents of which I cannot divulge at the moment. We shall announce it in June at a press conference at Milan’s Expò, with a great international partner who will accompany us on this new challenge.

In the meantime, ECOMONDO, led by business unit manager  Simone Castelli and followed by project manager Alessandra Astolfi, is preparing for South Africa, where, from 20th  to 22nd May, it will be a key player at Indutec, the Johannesburg industrial technology, with an important joint participation by Italian companies: ECOMONDO will be responsible for the new section Waste & Recycling Africa. South Africa is the gateway to Sub-Saharan African markets and imports good from Europe for a value of 79.2 billion euros, Italy is tenth in the ranking of suppliers and the environment sector is at the centre of the country’s investment policies.

In November, from 11th to 13th, San Paolo will host the debut of FIMAI ECOMONDO BRASIL, the result of the recent arrival as shareholders in FIMAI (in both the expo and publishing asset parts) at the end of 2014 by Rimini Fiera, in partnership with Gruppo Tecniche Nuove. FIMAI ECOMONDO BRASIL will be the most important expo on the environment in Latin America, inheriting the success of 15 years of activity of the Expo Center Norte with 500 exhibitors and 15,000 trade/industry visitors. The 2015 edition will be announced at an international press conference in May in San Paolo.Brazil is another of the emerging economies and a reference point for environment policies in an area awaiting structural intervention of extraordinary importance.

For the whole of 2015, there will be the INTERNATIONAL ROAD MAP OF ECOMONDO, which was launched in January and which now gets to the heart of matters, with the involvement of the Italian companies interested in sounding out new markets: A total of 53 appointment (in Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA, South America and Africa), with presentations, meetings with institutions, trade and industry associations, industrial giants and the media, participations in international conferences on the environment: from Abu Dhabi to New Orleans and Portland, London to Brussels and Malmö, Saint Petersburg to Istanbul and Belgrade, Taipei to Tunis and Johannesburg.

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