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Aluminium recycling in Italy: facts & figures 2014

Aluminium recycling in Italy: facts & figures 2014

The figures for the separate collection, recovery and recycling of aluminium packaging in Italy were officially released today, at the annual general meeting of CIAL – Italian Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminium Packaging member companies.

2014 was a positive year, maintaining the trend of recent years. 50,200 tonnes of aluminium packaging were recovered, which is the equivalent of 79.2% of the total quantity placed on the market (63,400 tonnes).

+ 6% compared to the previous year. This result was achieved with the cooperation of consumers and through the agreements entered into between CIAL and local authorities. There are at present 6,670 Italian Municipalities undertaking the separate collection of aluminium packaging (83% of the total number), with the involvement of some 52.5 million inhabitants (88% of the country’s population).