Case CE machines keep costs down and productivity up for Impetus Waste Management

Case CE machines keep costs down and productivity up for Impetus Waste Management

A range of Case F series wheel loaders, a CX210B high rise materials handler, plus a bespoke service agreement designed to meet the clients’ exact requirements, supplied by Case dealer Warwick Ward, is helping to reduce costs and improve productivity for Impetus Waste Management.

One of the largest waste management companies in the region, Impetus Waste Management process over 900,000 tonnes per year and employ 240 full-time staff across their sites, which includes four waste transfer, two landfill and one composting site.

When the company needed new machines, they wanted competitively priced machines that would also deliver excellent performance, reliability and fuel efficiency, coupled with low operating, service and repair costs.  Excellent aftersales service was also vital as their machines are required to work extremely long hours in very challenging environments.

After careful examination and testing of several competitor machines, Impetus Waste Management decided to optimise its fleet and use just one manufacturer, as it felt this would offer better purchasing power and service support, so over the last 24 months the company has replaced a large portion of its fleet and now operates 17 Case machines across all its sites.

At the company’s newest 20 acre waste-to-fuel plant, located in North Tees, it processes 640,000 tonnes per year and operates a 24/7 operation, 365 days-a-year. The site can import up to 2,000 tonnes per day and export up to 1,000 tonnes per day. It moves and unloads the waste using two 721F XR wheel loaders, an 821F XR wheel loader, a 921F wheel loader and a 1021F XR wheel loader. The machines work alongside a CX210B high-rise material handler, which pre-sorts the waste and feeds the site’s Metso shredder at approximately 70 tonnes per hour.

Each machine works a minimum of 22 hour shifts, with only two hours of downtime to allow the machines to be fully cleaned down.

“The machines are very efficient,” says site manager Craig Jones. “When it comes to reliability they are excellent. Considering how long we run the machines for we have very few problems, which is fantastic considering the amount of material we are moving per day”.

Case 721F XR, 821F XR and 921F and 1021F

The Case 721F XR (145kW/195hp), 821F XR (172kW/230hp) and 921F (190kW/255hp) wheel loaders are all fitted with a 6.7 litre interim certified diesel engine. The larger wheel loader, the 1021F XR (kW/hp), is specifically engineered for Waste Recycling and features an 8.7 litre Tier 4 Interim diesel engine. Air intake uses a turbocharger with air-to-air cooling. No EGR valve is used, only fresh air is taken for combustion and no extra cooling system is needed. Injection is via Common Rail Multiple Injection with an HI-eSCR (DOC + SCR) After Treatment System and the rear mounted engine offers better weight balance which means bucket payload increases by 10–15% at each cycle.

All four machines use Case’s unique Proshift transmission, a five-speed powershift with lock up helping to reduce cycle times and fuel consumption. The Case heavy duty cooling cube whose unique design is exceptionally effective in dusty conditions, means better reliability and more uptime.

As handling wood, green waste and other flammable materials can be dangerous, especially outdoors, AdBlue is sprayed directly in the diesel exhaust to reduce fire ignition risks. In addition, the maximum temperature of the HI-eSCR is 500°C, 200°C less than the maximum temperature of a particulate filter.

“The machines are very smooth and comfortable to drive and the controls are very smooth to operate,” says operator Richey Maughan. “The air-conditioning is great, especially in the Summer, as in this type of environment it can get very hot, and when your spending 11 hour shifts in a cab, it’s really important to be in a comfortable one. Visibility is also very good, all blind spots are eliminated. The rear camera is very useful, especially with so many piles around you at all times. Sometimes we have four or five. It’s always very busy in here, so being able to see everything at all times is very important for safety reasons. The high tipper is also very good. I wouldn’t change anything in the design of these machines.”

Case CX210B

The CX210B’s offer proven low fuel consumption. Dedicated matching of slew speed and boom raise functions increases productivity, while high lifting forces allow easier dump function with high lift arms. The large CX-B series cab offers excellent visibility and is mounted on a rigid parallel lift structure that rises to 5.06m, ideal for viewing the bucket during unloading and loading of the high-sided trucks that deliver the raw waste materials. The cab descent switch can be activated from inside and outside the cab, for increased operator safety.

Phil Lord, operations director at Impetus Waste Management said: “Working 24/7, 365 days-a-year we cannot afford to have machines out of action. We need machines that are solid, durable and very reliable. Just as importantly as having the right machines was knowing that both Case and its dealers could provide excellent after sales service.”

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