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From now on, on-site separation will cost less

MB Crusher launches its 4th edition of the MB-S14 screening bucket and recalls how it has previously resolved problems of space and accumulated debris.

From now on, on-site separation will cost less

The cleaner and more homogeneous the material obtained after a recycling process is, the more value it will have, both economically and ecologically. Being able to use inert materials of quality - or being able to resell them to third-party companies - is now a deciding factor for being competitive on markets.

It is precisely for this reason that having in-house machinery such as the highly productive MB Crusher screening bucket, which can quickly select any material that is homogeneous in size, makes all the difference.

There are those who can testify to this, as did a German company that owns a demolition depot. For years, tonnes of material - a mixture of earth and debris - had been accumulating. It was therefore necessary to arrange and rearrange the areas, separating and cleaning the inert materials with equipment that would allow maximum productivity in a short time. The decision fell on the MB Crusher screening model MB-S14 that was purchased to work on a Liebherr 900 excavator.

Equipped with a panelled basket with 20x20mm holes, the MB-S14 screening bucket allowed the company to manage the work area in just a few days: the soil was effectively separated from the larger debris and bulkier pieces of material, and the resulting inert material was gathered in an orderly manner.

Satisfactory from both a logistical point of view and an economic one: with the MB-S14 screening bucket, the customer was successful in obtaining excellent clean material, capable of being marketed and gaining wide profit margins. Today, the company screens over 15 tonnes of material per day.


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