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NLMK Clabecq optimizes the production process of Quard® and Quend® to improve its customer service

NLMK Clabecq optimizes the production process of Quard® and Quend® to improve its customer service

The leading Belgian producer of thin steel plate has initiated a change process to improve its production flow, leading to an increased operational performance and to a better service to customers. The flow metamorphosis is one of the benefits of the recent implementation of industrial plan.

A few months ago, NLMK Clabecq has initiated an ambitious industrial plan which focuses on strengthening the company’s position on the market of niche plates and expands the client-oriented services. Next to the Quenched and Tempered steels (Quard® and Quend®), the focus lays on thin gauge products and on steels where NLMK Clabecq has historical records of successes, like Tear Drop Plates or laser steels. Beyond the focus on niche products, the plan also focus on continuously improving processes to work on a leaner and more effective way.
The reflection about the optimization of the flows within the mills plan is to trigger in all departments of the plant, from commercials to logistics and transport, and of course in the production lines. The Quard® and Quend® plates will also benefit from the changes: a deep analysis of the logistics department on stock reduction at different steps of the Quenching & Tempering line is a primary factor, aiming to bring a significant decrease in the level of work in progress. These measures will also make the monitoring more efficient and have a positive effect on the production stoppage, the plate rejection rates and the delivery time.
To carry out the deep reflection, the involvement of all staff, operators and managers of Q&T as well as workers from storage areas is the key step. The problem and its resolution – through training and coaching - are collective!
NLMK Clabecq has launched a deep improving process to definitely keep on the right track.

NLMK Clabecq is the leading Belgian producer of thin premium steel plates and a company of NLMK Group. Customers of NLMK Clabecq enjoy superior surface quality, ideal flatness and tight thickness tolerances of plates thanks to the plant’s extensive technical expertise combined with unique combination of equipment, including the reversible quarto mill and the continuous finishing mill with 4 independent stands, the stat-of-the-art accelerated cooling system and a quenching and tempering units (Q&T).
NLMK Clabecq is a major player in the niche markets of abrasion resistant steels up to 550 HB (Quard®) and steels with very high yield strength up to 1100 MPa (Quend®) in thicknesses from 3,2 to 64 mm. These brands are especially popular with manufacturers of construction equipment and mining machinery. Equipment made with Quard® and Quend® is more fuel-efficient and durable thanks to lighter, more wear-resistant and stronger steel.