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Stepper screen: the new PAL’s patent for a clog free screening of waste

Stepper screen: the new PAL’s patent for a clog free screening of waste

Thanks to the innovative flow shaking and forwarding system, the alternate motion paddle system prevents filamentous materials from wrapping around (no completely rotating parts) and separates the material into different fractions.

This special screening system perfectly processes difficult-to-handle material allowing to drastically cut machinery downtimes and routine cleaning, thus overcoming the issues of traditional disc screens. The Stepper Screen developed by PAL is the answer to those looking for a screening solution based on the disc screen logic.

Stepper Screen is the ideal solution for processing various types of waste, either in the industrial field with large size metals and filamentous materials, or in composting plants, or in the plastics sorting field as an alternative to the Ballistic screen.

Our great deal of experience already gained in the field has proven that the recent evolution of the machine is capable of handling difficult-to-process materials with performances that are comparable or even better than those of traditional disc or drum screens, regardless of whether processing organic material (OFMSW), mixed compost after biocell, plasmix, recycled wood or even metal scrap and metal from car wreck.

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