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Indeco for recycling

Indeco for recycling

Indeco Ind. S.p.A., an Italian company producing hydraulic hammers, was founded in 1976 and immediately distinguished itself for its innovative solutions in the field of demolition.

Over the years, its technological know-how has also proven useful for the construction of specific equipment for other applications, including recycling. First example are the ISS hydraulic shears, characterized by their innovative design, extraordinary sturdiness, and high performance. Fast, efficient, and incredibly powerful, the ISS shears are the ideal choice for the demolition of metal structures of all types. The proven hydraulic system of continuous rotation lets you always work in the optimal position, while the large opening of the jaws, the speed of the opening and closing cycle, and the incredible cutting power, ensure speed and effectiveness in all operations. Special extra-strength HARDOX® steels make the ISS shears exceptionally durable and reliable. Each individual blade has four cutting surfaces and can be rotated three times before replacement. The mounting bracket ‘II membro’ (2nd member) lets you mount the ISS directly on the excavator boom, allowing you to mount large equipment even on a low weight carrier. Even the IMP Multiprocessor, thanks to various tool kits, can be used for the most diverse applications, including recycling. In the ‘shear’ configuration, it features some of the unique characteristics of the ISS shears: the cutting geometry, the configurations of the blades, and the exclusive piercing system. Made with special extra-strength HARDOX® steels, the Indeco IMP multiprocessor is designed to withstand high levels of pressure, wear, and abrasion due to prolonged use.

Finally, the IMG Multi Grab Jaws are a useful work tool for recycling operators in the following versions:

  • IMG S sorting jaws, ideal for sorting waste materials from demolition work;
  • IMG D demolition sorting jaws, essential in recycling and environmental recovery work;
  • IMG H 3+2 handling jaws, designed to facilitate the handling of large objects such as scrap metal, vehicles for demolition, and demolition scrap.

Once again, Indeco proves to be faithful to its mission: to offer its customers the right tool for any type of job.

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