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Landscape management with tree care handler along country roads and highways

Landscape management with tree care handler along country roads and highways

Sennebogen 728 E tree care handler is specially designed for demanding tree care operations.

SENNEBOGEN 728 E scores with impressive reach and height of over 21 m

With a reach of over 20 m including the attached felling grab saw VOSCH 1600-7T, the newcomer facilitates the challenging tree felling work along country roads and highways. The occupational safety factor in particular plays a decisive role here. The 728 E enables controlled grabbing, sawing and depositing of the logs to the side and, in comparison to traditional arborists, represents a safe alternative, especially for safety felling. The stable mobile undercarriage with wide single tires and 4-point outriggers, on which the support feet can be individually controlled, ensures sufficient stability. In addition, the tree care handler is equipped with a bulletproof cab front screen and a FOPS roof guard.

Flexibility in use decisive for successful tree care work

It is not only occupational safety that is the focus of tree care companies, but also flexibility in use. Due to the optional road approval, the 728 E can move flexibly on site. In addition, a wide variety of attachments, such as harvesters, felling headers or grab saws, can be fitted, making the tree care handler suitable for a wide range of applications. An additional package for the hydraulics, consisting of an additional hydraulic valve and the additional piping, ensures high performance of the 129 kW machine.

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