Camec 2023
Recycling for Trevi Benne

Recycling for Trevi Benne

Trevi Benne has been operating since 1992 in the constant search for quality and reliability of products in the name of innovation by manufacturing crushers, pulverizers, multi kits, metal shears, screening buckets, excavating and loading buckets, quick couplings and special applications for excavators and loaders. 

In the recycling industry, there are several technologies that it offers to the user.

Such as the selection/demolition grapple PMZ Series. Ideal for the demolition of medium-sized structures and buildings, for the targeted selection and loading of waste materials on site and in landfills, for specific separation and handling of aggregates in recycling centers. A truly versatile piece of equipment on site, very easy to handle, precise and at the same time delicate in use.

We can’t overlook the real “star” of the yard: the Marilyn CS Series hydraulic shear, conceived for modern industrial demolition yards and for professionals in the recycling of scrap and ferrous materials. And to better celebrate this 2022 full of special events, the company has created the CS 200RS model: a real colossus with a weight of 20,000 kg., a height of almost 6 meters, an opening of 1,200 mm. which releases a peak force of 400 tons.