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Camec 2023
SIMEX ART 1000: Asphalt Repair Technology

SIMEX ART 1000: Asphalt Repair Technology

Simex ART is an attachment for compact loaders (track loaders and skid steers), designed for the restoration of deteriorated road surfaces through a cold regeneration technology of the bituminous conglomerate (asphalt).

ART is a patented technology which reuses 100% of the material present on site without removing the milled material or adding other aggregates. It is used in functional road surface maintenance, at a depth varying between 30 and 100 mm. The equipment combines the asphalt milling with the particle size reduction and the mixing of rejuvenators.

Simex ART is specifically designed for surficial restoration of deteriorated road surfaces, such as:

  • branch or “alligator cracking”
  • bumps, dips, ripples
  • potholes and gaps
  • localized pavement alterations

Main goals

1) To repair road surface distress quickly and effectively, without totally disrupting traffic flow and, especially, without repeatedly having to carry out emergency maintenance.

2) To reduce the costs of purchasing and handling new mixes by using only the existing asphalt.

3) Environmental sustainability: 100% of the materials present on site are recovered and regenerated, while reducing construction site traffic resulting from supplying new materials and removing waste.

4) To overcome the problem of RAP disposal.


The equipment, advancing to a certain milling depth, combines the following phases:

  • Milling of the damaged road section.
  • Controlled injection of the rejuvenator in the milling chamber.
  • Size reduction of the milled material.
  • Mixing,   obtaining   the   recycled  RAP  (reclaimed  asphalt   pavement)  ready  for   road resurfacing.

After being regenerated, the mix is deposited directly by the equipment on the milling track and is ready to be leveled and compacted with a roller or vibrating plate.

Simex ART technology advantages

Operational advantages

  • Restoration of road surface distress, quickly and with long-lasting results, which allows for adequate road maintenance planning.
  • A dynamic and smaller construction site: no large machines are required, which significantly reduces traffic disruption. A reduced number of workers and a single vehicle (truck) which transports all the equipment on site.
  • Money savings: zero costs for the procurement and transport of new mixes and virgin aggregates, in addition to not having to remove and dispose of the RAP.
  • suitable for activity on surfaces of limited size.

Environmental advantages

  • No impact: pre-existing materials are reused, recycling and rehabilitating aged bitumen. Technically, this operation can also be repeated in subsequent maintenance operations.
  • Use of eco-friendly materials.
  • No handling or management of special materials or waste.
  • On site recycling ensures save of energy if compared to traditional laying of hot mixes.