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Camec 2023
Solidur: ready-to-use premix for self-hardening plastic mixtures

Solidur: ready-to-use premix for self-hardening plastic mixtures

Buzzi Unicem is a leading company in the Italian market for the production of cements (complying with European standard EN 197/1) that have been designed for specific applications (products that are resistant to aggressive environments, controlled heat development concretes), with a variety of types and strength classes depending upon market requirements, and which are increasingly oriented towards advanced construction solutions and of the highest quality. The flexibility of our production facilities, our ability to optimize the management of available resources, our ongoing commitment to finding innovative solutions and investing in R&D, combined with our unique distinction of sustainable growth and competitive advantage, ensure that Buzzi Unicem maintains its leadership in the formulation and marketing of special and ready-to-use premixed binders.

Solidur® is a ready-to-use premixed product composed of cementitious mineral binders and clay and bentonite components as well as special additives. Its formulation uses only high quality bentonite, excluding the use of chemical additives.

Solidur® consists solely of mineral components and is prepared at the cement plant using special production technology. Solidur® is supplied in powder form and the plastic mixture is prepared at the construction site by mixing it quickly with water and without other additives in special high turbulence mixers equipped with automatic dosing units. In just a few minutes, a stable, self-hardening mixture ready for use is obtained. The suspension remains workable for a sufficient period of time that varies depending upon the application and can be pumped from distances of over one kilometer. After hardening, the plastic slurry will acquire the water-resistant and strength characteristics required by the job.

Solidur® offers considerable financial benefits with respect to managing the construction site due to the following:

Does not require curing tanks for the bentonite as opposed to the traditional system, with the consequent savings of space and time

  • Requires less manpower
  • Simplifies the construction site by occupying less space
  • Reduces the number of control tests required due to the consistency of the product characteristics

Solidur ® has a wide range of proven and certified recipes in terms of both its “permeability” hydraulic profile and its "resistance to chemical attack and erosion" chemical-physical environmental profile.                           

The product "families" consist of Solidur® 274, Solidur® 274 Special and Solidur® 273 – each of which differs according to the density of the plastic mixture and the performance characteristics of the hardened material – Solidur® 270, which has been specifically designed for hydraulic engineering projects, and Solidur® Erdbeton used for the preparation of plastic concretes.


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