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Doppstadt SM 518 Basic

Doppstadt SM 518 Basic

Trommel Screen Machine Basic 518.

Product characteristics / cornerstones of product development
 Trommel screens from basic SM 518 applicable
 Trommel, trommel bearing and trommel drive also identical with SM 518
 Machine ist not street legal
 Simple frame construction as 1-axle yard chassis
 Equipment includes rigid axle, fixing brake, tow ball holder
 Feed hopper dimensions (4 m3) comparable to small hopper of SM 518
 Diesel-hydraulic drive system, electro-hydraulic variant in planning stage
 Only IIIA / Tier 3 engine available (for the time being)
 Engine-power class < 37 kW
 Optimal temperatures for machine application: -15°C to 40°C
 Without load control system. Filling degree of trommel screen has to be manually
adjusted based on infeed conveyor speed [Rotational speed adjustable for conveyor
base and trommel screen (0-21 rpm)]
 Limited electrical equipment, no PLC, mechanical protection system
 Trommel has to be exchanged sidewards, but you can fold out one trommel door
 Second trommel door cannot be opened, rubber covered row of holes
 Mechanically adjustable cleaning brush (diameter = 500 mm)
 The discharge conveyor for coarse material can be applied on either the right
or left side
 Machine transport is possible using a standard 40-feet High-Cube container
 Machine includes suspension point for crane loading
 A stone grate is available as an additional piece of equipment. It can only be
operated by remote control, triggering the radio receiver for the standard hydraulics
control block.