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Camec 2023
Computerized Collection Stations

Computerized Collection Stations

Ecofil is a new and dynamic reality in the field of waste collection and separation, with a strong focus on technology, environmental ethic and attention to the needs of citizens.

The system is based on a network of Computerized Collection Stations, where waste produced by families is collected and its quality and quantity is monitored. Users separate and deposit all different materials, taking care of checking their weight after a log-in with a card for the recording of data in a digital system, in order to track every operation. The control is performed through a label printed by the station and stuck by users on the bags, with a code on linked to each user who, in case of anomalies, is informed by a text or an email, stimulating the performance of a correct collection operation. Monitoring is further ensured by a camera system which is also a deterrent for vandalism actions, solving the urban environment issues linked to a possible incorrect use of collection stations. Afterwards, on the base of the collected data and the analysis of the performances of each user, it is possible to offer rewards to those having the most virtuous behaviors, pushing them to act properly verifying their results on their online profile. 

The Computerized Collection Stations system offers to urban administrations and waste management operators an easy and effective instrument to know in real time the service status, allowing Municipalities to apply punctual pricing, with citizens paying for the related services on the base of the quantity of waste they produce. This method is aimed to determine, through digitalisation and geolocation of operations, the real volume/weight of each collection, with a link to a “univocal waste code” calculating automatically and immediately the due rate. This solution is in full opposition to the old system based on the sole presumption of the collection operation.

Another objective of these verification systems is to increase the quantity of collected recyclable materials, allowing to receive retributions by the operators working in materials recovery. In this framework, the real time check of results pushes users to modify their behavior and perform an always more accurate and correct separation. This makes possible to adopt in a fast, cheap and easily, a strategy aimed to the improving of recycle performances with a further reduction of service costs and a subsequent simplification of disposal operations. 

Ecofil has obtained relevant results in the Municipalities where is already employed, both in terms of recycle rate (over 75%) and reduction of waste management service taxes. It was also the object of a comparative study of the Università Politecnica delle Marche, where it proved to be a more sustainable system than door to door or street collection. This evaluation was performed on the base of LCA “Lyfe Cycle Assessment” standards (ISO 14040-44), which considers all the interactions with environment of a product or service, giving a complete outlook on them. The reference area was a neighborhood of a 16.000 citizens town called Porto San Giorgio (FM), to be considered relevant because very similar to other towns of the coast territory of Marche region and where, during the year, all the compared systems have been employed. Ecofil obtained the best results thanks to an higher quantity of correctly separated waste and a good quality of them respect to other systems.

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