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Bongioanni Recycling Technology

Bongioanni Recycling Technology

For over one hundred years, Bongioanni Macchine S.p.A., has been operating worldwide.

The company, specialized in the mechanics applied to transformation processes of first and secondary raw materials, is now expanding its activity with the Recycling Division, whose goal is to offer complete solutions in the field of waste treatment.

The internal designing department dedicated and oriented to the customization of products, the selected chain of highly reliable suppliers, and the production realized in two Italian factories, assure the highest quality level.

The range of the machines manufactured, allows the:

  • treatment of special solid waste, thanks to a series of double-shaft shredders for the primary crushing, complete with pushing devices preventing the flotation of the material on the teeth of the machine
  • The mixing of sludges by means of mixers with replaceable augers
  • the crushing of debris wastes thanks to machines, conceived and designed based on the long-term experience in the field of heavy-clay, equipped with rotating shafts allowing to uniform the size of the waste treated.

Innovations and news in the world Bongioanni Recycling

At the exhibition Ecomondo, Bongioanni Recycling is introducing the new machine 610FRI, whose project has been specifically designed for the treatment of inert material deriving from demolition of buildings. This machine, equipped with 3 rotating shafts and part-turn gearboxes. This innovative crusher clearly differs from the very expensive machines for quarry, that so far have always been adapted for the use in this field.

Besides, within the end of the year, thanks to the synergy with a leader company in the field of the treatment of special and hazardous waste, Bongioanni Recycling will realize a ground-braking crushing system inside a container module. This module can be then integrated in a modular system, for the valorization at low temperature of waste and low CO2emissions.

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