Camec 2023

Glass sorting plant by Pal Srl

The construction site of the plant for the sorting of glass waste from separate collection that Pal Srl will build for Herambiente in the province of Ravenna is about to begin.


Glass sorting plant by Pal Srl

Works are about to start at the construction site of the plant in Voltana di Lugo in Italy by Herambiente that will handle the separation of impurities represented by intrusive foreign materials (metals, plastic, paper, wood, non-fusible material, shatterproof glass, etc.) found in the separate waste collection of the glass fraction.

The plant is very similar to the one constructed in Coriano that is active and in operation.

The line consists of: a feeding conveyor belt, a feeding three-roller conveyor belt, sorting belt with the possibility of changing speed and fitted with ropes along the entire length, prefabricated sorting cabin with 4 sorting posts, 100% stainless steel connecting belt as it is housed under the ferrous metal separator, magnetic sorter, sorter of non-ferrous metals and glass unloading belt.

 The plant has entry gates fitted with safety micro-switches for the various areas (loading area, access area to replace skips).

The entire plant was made to limit the breaking of glass bottles, thus it envisages few jumps and, at strategic points, there are special rubbers that are very sturdy and absorb or neutralise impact.

The material input in the plant is glass from separate waste collection including metals and other impurities. The flow capacity is 8 t/h. Outgoing fraction in line with COREVE specifications.