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Camec 2023
Centauro, the machine you don’t expect

Centauro, the machine you don’t expect

Centauro is three machines in one: shredder, screen and a magnetic separator in one mobile plant. Centauro is the only mobile crushing and screening plant that recycles 100% of the asphalt removed from the road.

When Cams engineers started designing the Centauro they knew they would develop a unique machine. Centauro is three machines in one: shredder, screen and a magnetic separator in one mobile plant.

It is powerful because it is able to crush any material, even the most difficult; it is precise because it is equipped with a two-decks screen; it grants high productivity and guarantees a constant yield. But these are not the only features of this crushing plant. 

Centauro is designed to work in full electric or hybrid mode and is equipped with technologies to reduce the environmental impact and operating costs of the machines. In particular, for mobile machines there is the possibility to bypass the generator installed on the plant and work directly connected to the electric current of the site producing zero CO2 emissions.

Centauro can be equipped with electronic weighing systems complying with the directives "Transition 4.0" that through a 4G connection not only transmit production data to the logistics site but, through PLC, the CER codes can be set to obtain precise data on the available material.

The Centauro series is available in six different models. Cams recently introduced the largest model, the Centauro XL 150.69 APR, an innovative machine that offers an effective and efficient solution for every crushing requirement. The Centauro XL 150.69 APR consists of a slow-rotating shredder FTR 1500, a screening system of 6.9 m2 and a secondary shredder CTR 1200.

This model, particularly compact (13.65 x 3.40 x 2.75 m during transport; 15.3 x 4.8 x 6.3 m in operation) is able to recover 100% of the asphalt and stands out for its high productivity (up to 250 t/h), for the presence of special automatic programs dedicated to the shredding of different materials, for the ability to treat wet materials and for the provision of a single generator for the supply of all components.

Despite being large, the machine is compact, an element that distinguishes all Cams products.

Centauro is the only mobile crushing and screening plant that recycles 100% of the asphalt removed from the road.

With 5 internationally patented systems, Centauro is able to meet all these needs and achieve maximum efficiency in the recycling of construction and demolition waste and asphalt.

It is the perfect solution for crushing industrial waste, asphalt and other debris, even in sub-optimal conditions, reducing consumption, costs and environmental impact.

The acronym APR in the Centauro range means Asphalt Pavement Recycler, highlighting the ability of the machine to recover 100% of the asphalt. Consisting of a primary shredder supported by a patented pre-crushing system, a magnetic separator, a vibrating screen and a secondary shredder: all these elements are combined on a crawler wagon, powered by a single Diesel Cat C9.3 Stage V engine and ensure the recovery of all material removed, milled and plates, preserving the original bitumen content.

Asphalt recycling

The advantages of asphalt recycling are considerable. Asphalt milled is a material resulting from the scarification of bituminous asphalt paving. If treated with appropriate technologies, such as Centauro crushing plants in Cams, it is 100% recyclable, becoming a resource for companies and the economy, as well as for the protection of the environment and the territory.

The enhancement and reuse of this material in the road construction sector brings enormous benefits for both operators in the sector and public administrations and contributes to the realization of the objectives of sustainability and circular economy, allowing no use of virgin materials.

The quality of the recycled product is equal to the original, therefore, the use of recycled asphalt reduces the landfill of a valuable material. In addition, numerous studies have shown that road pavements constructed from recycled asphalt materials have higher rigidity and a lower probability of breakage; therefore, they require less repairs and maintenance in the future.

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